Key Benefits

Save Time, Save Money

Spend less time and resources manually gauging tanks and taking pressure readings and use your resources tackling other operational needs.

Reduce Errors

Get your production data straight from the source and avoid human error. Make decisions based on fact and real time data.

Reduce Spills/Downtime

Avoid costly spills and downtime with continual, tank, pressure and gas flow monitoring. iWell Remote provides tank, pressure and gas flow alerts to make sure sure you know what is going, when it is happening.

Key Features

Real Time Reporting
Get up to 24 readings per day on oil or water tanks.
Mobile Access
Get production and tank reporting on your mobile device or computer.
Get alerts and warnings by text or email. Know when oil is leaving your tanks or if you might have a leak.
It Just Works
Your remote tank monitor automatically feeds into iWell Reports and iWell Pumper without the need of costly integrations.
No Upfront Costs
Save your cash. There is no upfront equipment costs or need for large upfront or ongoing capital.
Easy Set-up
Don’t waste time and money on set-up. Set your remote monitors up in 15 minutes or less.
Long lasting, replaceable batteries
No electricity or solar panels needed.
Cellular Included
No gateway or other transmitting equipment needed. No monthly data charge for your monitors.
High Quality Equipment
Made in the USA, guaranteed for life, corrosion proof.
Safety First
Class 1, Division I & II Intrinsically Safe.
Heavily Secured
We use industry standard encryption to safeguard your data. We always back up your data to safeguard against acts of Mother Nature.
Five Star CustomerSupport
We provide training and support for all your users. When they need assistance we are there to help.

How does it work

Install(at $0 charge) your iWell Remote tank, pressure or gas flow monitor in minutes. No expensive, lengthy installation needed.
Tank, pressure and gas flow readings are automatically sent over the cellular network to your iWell account.
Reports, graphs, and dashboard are immediately created and available on your computer or mobile device. In addition, receive email or text alerts instantly.


No up-front equipment costs
No software fees
No monthly cellular data charges
No installation fees
No support fees
No long term contracts
iWell Reports included at no additional charge.

Start using iWell Remote for as little as $55 per month.

Test Drive iWell Remote for 30-days

We’ll ship you an iWell Remote unit to try out on your oil or salt water tank for 30 days. Installation and calibration of your iWell Remote unit will take about 5-10 minutes.

To get an iWell Remote unit shipped to you please fill out the form below:
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And see first hand how iWell can benefit your company and operations